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      1. July 12 to14, 2017, Kingon will show the latest highspeed ring type wrapping machine at the PROPAK 2017. The machine is the latest mainstream models in the European market,Kingon is the first manufacturer.This machine is used horizontal ring drive,smoothrunning and low noise . Packaging efficiency up to60-120 pallet / hour, It applies tobeverage and food, chemical, Intelligentwarehouseand other industries.Can start packing at any location, packaging diversification, wide range of applications, occupies a small area,saving package materials.As a new generation of wrapping machine, in the packaging has a revolutionary improvement and upgrading. About machine parameters and use,please consult us on the spotorcall0531-67802250.Especially thanks to YihaiJiaLi (Yueyang) company to order this product.


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