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      1. H2000FZ-PL Ring type wrapping packaging machine

        Product information
        H2000FZ-PL Ring type wrapping packaging machine technical parameters
        Project Summary:
        A new high speed ring type packing machine is a new generation of wrapping machine, with the improvement and upgrading of the traditional revolutionary way of packing equipment using horizontal swivel drive, smooth rotation, low noise, packaging efficiency up to 80-120pallet/ hour, especially suitable for high speed packaging beverage, food and chemical industry.
        The new high-speed ring type wrapping machine is suitable for various packing methods. Compared with the traditional packing method, it has the characteristics of better versatility, smooth appearance and high efficiency
        Such as the use of new high-speed ring type wrapping machine automatic single packing method, each pallet goods can save the film more than 20 meters, the annual saving packing cost about 20000 USD, for enterprises to reduce costs and enhance efficiency play a revolutionary role.
        Small floor space
        The packaging form is more flexible, can arbitrarily set the packaging position, reduce unnecessary packaging, save packaging costs
        Film spreading effect is more uniform, the packaging effect is more beautiful.
        100% no film head, no film tail, solve the problem of domestic manufacturers on the broken film is not stabilized.
        High efficiency, up to 80-120 pallet/ hour
        The equipment site layout is more flexible, free from the direction of transportation. Can adapt to 90 degrees direction of shipment goods
        Can increase the top cover film  function, packaging efficiency is ordinary online machine 2-3 times
        Technical Parameter
        Wrapped object
        Packaging Specifications:{L1200×W1200×H(800 ~2400)}mm
        Cargo Weight:(MAX)2000kg
        Machine Parameters
        Machine weight: 2000Kg (max)
        The efficiency of packaging: 80-120 Pallet / hour (max) (as the packing of goods)
        Conveying height(standard): 400mm (required)
        The power of the whole machine: 3KW
        Machine weight: 2000Kg
        Working voltage: 380VAC/3 phase, 5 line /50Hz
        Pneumatic system: 1000ml/min
        Pneumatic working pressure: 0.4~0.6MPa
        Packing material
        LLDPE stretch film:
        Film width: 500mm
        Thickness: 20-35 M
        The outside diameter(max): 240mm
        The paper core hole: 76mm paper core
        Scope of Supply
        Ring type drive unit (1 sets):
        Frequency control of the motor speed with brake
        Ring reducer: SEW
        Power: P=1.5KW
        Frequency control of the motor speed with brake
        The lifting parts (1 sets)
        Film carriage is drive by chain, steadiness and high reliability.
        Reducer model of the film carriage lifting: gear reducer
        Motor power: 3kw
        Film lifting gear motor: SEW
        The machine frame components (1 sets)
        Machine frame is gantry type- four column pipe steel structure,Material is Q235 Profiles
        The frame top is equipped with drive holder.
        Safety protection device (1 sets)
        The rack parts have safety protection devices and protective nets, protective nets, door locks and equipment chain, when the security door is opened, the device stops functioning
        The protective net height is 1800mm (The drawings prevail)
        The stop position after equipment operation is on the left lower side; the protective net door is on the right lower corner
        Door use plug style switch.
        The film frame components (1 sets)
        Has photoelectric switch, automatically detect the height of the goods
        Motor power:0.75KW
        Film send motor:SEW
        Film carriage stretch rate is 1:2.5
        Film send speed variable frequency adjustable
        Film carriage following mechanism
        Film carriage send film while the rotary arm swing. Proximity switch control the film sending motor start and stop to achieve the follow-up of the film sending.
        Automatic film clamp-cut device
        After wrapping, automatically weld the film and clamp the film head
        Special film clip device and film clamp & cut off program control, and film blowing device, ensure that no film tail after wrapping.
        Fusing film using heat fusing, automatically smoothing after fuse, ensure no tail and the highest efficiency of the automatic wrap.
        Unique way of the film clamp-cut, greatly improve the packaging efficiency of the equipment, to ensure the customer's efficiency.
        Pneumatic system is adopted:SMC
        Ring type wrapping machine Pneumatic control system
        Air Requirements: Instrument gas shall be connected to the cut-off imports which outside the pneumatic control box by the buyer.
        One control box control cylinder driving.
        Safety chain organization
        Rotation and lifting start and conveyor chain
        Electrical and control system
        PLC programmable control
        Touch Screen Operation, the wrap layer and times can be set up;
        Photoelectric switch can auto-sensing the goods height
        Digital parameters Settings: rotary speed, film carriage lifting speed, film carriage film send speed
        The machine is equipped with automatic, manual and transformation function which can better ensure the operation of the packaging system.
        The machine without warning lights when running
        Main components
        Name Brand
         PLC SIEMENS
        Inverter SIEMENS
        Touch screen SIEMENS
        Photoelectric switch PANASONIC
        Limit switch     SIEMENS
        Proximity switch ELCO
        Breaker Schneider
        AC contactor Schneider
        intermediate relay Schneider
        The command device Schneider
        Solenoid valve SMC
        Cylinder SMC
        Rotary reducer motor SEW
        Lifting reducer motor SEW
        Film carriage motor SEW

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