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      1. DT1800FZ-FM-PL Fully auto pallet wrapper

        Product information
        DT1800FZ-FM-PL Fully auto pallet wrapper
        Main technical parameter
        Packing specification:        (L1200×W1100×H1800)mm
        Bearing:                    2000KG(max)
        Packaging efficiency:         20-30 p/h
        Turntable diameter:          1800mm
        Turntable speed:(0~12)rpm
        Transmission line speed:     12m/min(can change by operator)
        Turntable height:            550mm
        Power:                     5KW 380V/50HZ 3PH/N/PE
        Pneumatic working pressure:(0.4~0.6)MPa
        Gas consumption:           1000ml/min
        Overall shape:              3800x3200x3300(LxWxH)
        LLDPE Stretched film         
        Thickness:                    17~35μm      
        Width of cloth:                 500mm
        I.D:                           76.2mm
        O.D:                          240mm 
        Top:PE/PVC Film,Width:     30-100μm
        Main performance indexes
        Control system
        PLC Programmable control
        Photoelectric switch;
        Reinforcement and protection function;
        Top time setting function.
        Film frame system
        The membrane rack is a dynamic pre tension mechanism,Pre stretching up to 250%;
        Smooth and reliable;
        The rise, fall speed and film delivery speed of the membrane stand are adjustable;
        The top and bottom winding numbers are individually controlled;
        Servo mechanism of thin film system,Just pull the film ;
        The frequency changer regulates the tensile force of the stretched film;
        Pneumatic controlled automatic breaking up film and welding film mechanism, effectively improving work efficiency.
        Turntable conveyor:
        Slewing bearing
        Height of conveying surface:        550mm
        Roller Diameter:                  ф76mm
        Roller spacing:                   119mm
        Conveying speed:                0-12m/min
        Conveyor roller material:           According to customer requirements
        Roller wall thickness:              3.0m
        Film coating mechanism parameter
        Power:                          5KW
        Working voltage:                 380VAC/ Three-phase 5 line/50Hz
        Gas consumption:                1000ml/min
        Pneumatic working pressure:       0.4~0.6 Map
        Traction motor power:             0.4kw
        Suitable for pallet size:            1200mm×1100mm
        Packaging efficiency:              20-30 p/h
        Film pulling velocity:               9.5m/min
        Upper and lower movement speed of drag film frame:4.5m/min
        Membrane breaking mode:         Roles cylinder drive, blade slitting
        Laminating machine film roll above the ground, easy to roll up and down film
        Film automatic cutting.
        Main configuration list
        Name. Brand
        CPU/PLC Siemens
        Inverter LITEON
        Touch screen Siemens
        Photoelectric switch Panasonic
        Limit switch Siemens
        Approach switch Elco
        Cylinder SMC
        Motor Tongyu


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