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      1. K1100FZ Full automatic pre stretching type wrap

        Product information
        K1100FZ Full automatic pre stretching type wrap packaging machine

        ●Main technical parameters
        Turntable diameter:        φ1650mm
        Packing height:            2400mm
        Wrap around specifications:(500-1100)×(500-1100)mm(L×W)
        Turntable height:           93mm
        Turntable bearing:           2000kg
        Power:                   1.5kw
        Power voltage:              Single-phase 220V
        Turntable speed:           0~12 rpm
        Packing material:           LLDPE Stretched film
        Thickness:                17~35μm (suggest 20 or 25μm)
        Width:                   500mm
        I.D:                      76.2mm      
        Max O.D:                 240mm
        ●Main performance
        Control system:
        PLC and touch screen control,The number of wrap layers and times can be set;
        Photoelectric switch, automatically sensing the height of the goods ;
        Fracture detection function,automatically detects and suspends the device;
        Reinforcement wrap function,set special part protection;
        Top time setting function;
        Have switch protection device and emergency stop switch device;
        Man-machine interface:
        Humanity intelligence parameter setting;
        Interface display settings;
        Make the operate more easy and more convenient;
        Achieve man-machine dialogue,display show the operation of the equipment in any time.;
        Using integrated communication mode,Variable frequency speed control is more remarkable;Less wiring mode, lowest failure rate;
        The device fault displays the fault text directly in the operating screen, replaces the old ICON indicator light alarm, and eliminates more conveniently and visually;
        It has the output counting and total output counting function, and can count the output count and total output on duty
        It has origin start and arbitrarily start two function,this two function can be change as customer demand.
        Troubleshooting is more convenient and intuitive;
        Sets the starting point and end point of the packing height for free,make the package more flexible,broken tradition wrap mode and no need  let the wrap must start form the bottom,wrapping ways are more free,cost saving for customers .
        Turntable drive:
        Turntable variable frequency speed regulation 0~12rpm adjustable;
        The turntable drive is chain drive;
        Turntable automatic self-reset;
        Film frame system:
        The film frame is pre-stretched mechanism of an AC motor,with variable frequency speed regulation,Adjust film tension,pre-stretched 250%;
        Film frame structure use integral welding technology and laser positioning cutting function,film frame strength and machining accuracy is more higher,which have longer service life and lower problem;
        Film frame up-down speed、send film speed adjustable separately;
        The top and bottom winding numbers are individually controlled;
        The film system mechanism,just pull it;
        New film frame design,the stretch effect of the winding film is more uniform and smooth.
        Easy transportation and movement;
        Up-right mechanism:
        Use closed structure,dustproof effect is better, more durable;
        Simpler installation methods, film on the incline side,Hinge joint,the film frame can be used immediately,no need test;
        Automatic breaking mechanism:
        Pneumatic control,automatic send,cut the film.
        Pneumatic system:0.6-0.8Mpa,400-700ml/min
        To configure:
        Operation panel:            Kunluntongtai
        PLC:                      XINJIE
        Frequency converter:         Easy Drive
        Approach switch:            ELCO(Germany)
        Photoelectric switch:         Panasonic
        Turntable motor:            Taizhi
        Film frame motor:           Taizhi
        Lifting motor:               Tongyu
        Other configuration is Kingon standard


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