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      1. K1100CS Tray type wrapping machine

        Product information
        K1100CS Tray type wrapping machine
        K series tray type wrapping machine is suitable for bulk cargo container transport and parts tray packaging. Widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronics, electrical appliances, paper, ceramics, chemicals, food, beverages, building materials and other industries. The utility model can improve the efficiency of logistics and reduce the loss in transportation, and has the advantages of dust prevention, moisture-proof and reducing the cost of packing. It is an ideal choice to upgrade the packing grade of products.
        Top type equipment can be applied to high or lighter goods, can improve the packaging effect and improve packaging efficiency, improve the added value of the products.
        Product parameter:
        Wrapped around specifications:(500-1200)mm×(500-1200)mm(L×W)
        Package height (max):          H: 2400mm, Y: 2700mm
        Packaging efficiency:           20~40 P/H
        Turntable speed:             0~12rpm(speed can change)
        Turntable diameters:            1650mm
        Turntable height:                78mm
        Turntable load (max):            2000kg
        Membrane frame system: Explosion-proof type Pre-stretching film frame, the draw ratio reached 300%, Auto send film, frequency control.
        Lift column: Double chain structure,lifting speed variable frequency adjustable.
        Pressure top mechanism:
        Control System: PLC control,wrap mode adjustable,sensing height.
        Weight (max):                  700kg
        Dimensions :                  2745mm×1650mm× (2270-2870) mm
        Power / voltage:Turntable 0.75KW, membrane rack 0.35kw, column 0.37kw,
        Special specifications can be customized


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